WE are a family owned business since 1987. In addition to being family owned, we have many mother/daughter teams who have worked side-by-side throughout the years (as well as a couple of mother/son teams). We have made many large Canadian flags that have hung on buildings in the Ottawa area. We have also made several 50 x 100' Canada flags, one which hung from Cousin's Bridge. We made an inflatable balloon that was atop a car dealership. In the past we have also repaired many hot air balloons, as well as repairs to horse blankets, awnings and boat covers. One of our achievements was the design of the new windsock for wind direction at airports. Working with government officials, pilots and textile manufacturers, Brenda Broughton helped design a windsock with great life expectancy and was visible to pilots in many weather conditions. A five-band red and white design was chosen for the final product, and we still make them in many sizes.

Our sewing team has a great reputation for quality, as was recognized when we were chosen by Alex Tilley to sew some of his world renowned hats for a period of time when his own staff was unable to meet demand. We have also sewn air bag restraints, where our great quality computerized sewing was a great asset. Items we make year round are the "Shademaster" Sun Shelters. They are a high quality canopy that protects from 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays. The glass reinforced corners are guaranteed for life. Again, a quality made product made in Erin at Kennedy Specialty Sewing Limited. Some other products made by Kennedy are semi-permanent vinyl doors for the cabs on lift-tow motors; metal free belts for companies that use metal detectors; vinyl trash bags for the TTC; mosquito nets for outdoor protection against bugs; and replacement awning and chair covers. High quality and great workmanship turn into great Canadian made products.


Kennedy House offers a quality made product. We use the best raw materials available to product a product that you will enjoy. To help extend the file of your image we offer free fly end repair on all our Wind Images flags. If you have an idea for a custom flag, we have the expertise to help you make a great design. If you need help with artwork, we have an artist on staff who will work with you to make a great image! Even if you did not purchase a Wind Images product, we will be happy to keep it looking great. We stock all the accessories to keep for your flagpole in top form. If you have a flagpole in need of repairs, we have someone trained to perform those repairs too! From installation to maintenance, we'll have you flying high.